What a weekend! Packed, enthusiastic #Queen Fans came to see #TheUltimateQueenCelebration starring #MarcMartel to the #LehighValley

We were told by many audience members  that it is the best show they have ever seen! The audience was on it's feet. Rocking with the greatest hits ever written.   See the video! Here are some shots from this weekend!

Go to You Tube for live clips.  Magical Night!  Audience Reaction to We Will Rock You 

Executive directors across the country tell producer and president of Century Artiststs (CAMA) Paul Horton:

"He promises and delivers the great productions!" 

CAMA Presents Legendary Concerts

3 Stellar Concerts in Quebec City Return Engagement delighted Canada.  #MarcMartel and #TheUltimateQueenCelebration delighted #QuebecCity @LeCapitole for 3 amazing nights.  The renovation of the theatre, restaurant and soon to be a new hotel at #LeCapitole are STUNNING.  Magical week!  Show poster in front of the theatre:

Mike Cohen (bass) Marc Martel,  Brandon Ethridge (MD, Keys) and Jason Gianni (drums) Tristan Avakian (Guitar-not pictured but fabulous). TOMORROW NIGHT ALMOST SOLD OUT ZOELLNER ARTS CENTER BETHLEHEM, PA 8 PM Sept22 Tickets 

#UltimateQueenCelebration starring #MarcMartel Shook up #Australia and #NewZealand with packed houses the past two weeks #DownUnder

Next week 3 RETURN ENGAGEMENT at #LaCapitole in #QuebecCity #Canada #Sept13-15 TICKETS ARE SELLING OUT! Get your tickets TODAY 

@BrandonEthridge @AngusClark @MarcMartel @JasonGiani @MikeCohn

#TheUltimateQueenCelebration starring #MarcMartel


Last week was a blast telling #RitaHayworth's atomic life @ClubArcada in @STCharlesIL in this magical #Speakeasy setting.  Quinn brought her critically acllaimed concert to #Chicagoland bringing #RitaHayworth to life.  Written and directed by @CarterInskeep Backed by an amazing quartet musical directed by @TomWilson with drums @PatrickCarmichael. Here are some fun candid live shots by @MaryCanaday.  Click photos for videos 

Enjoy! #CAMA presents Legendary Concerts

Last week The Many Lives of #DavidBowie shook up #STCharlesIL @ArcadaTheatre with thrilling performances by @SamGiven as #ZiggyStardust @CoryAlexander as #ThinWhiteDuke and @TimYoung #IconicDavidBowie  Here are a few live candid pics by @MaryCanaday with video links by @BiggMonte CAMA Presents Legendary Concerts

Produced and directed by @PaulHorton and @QuinnLemley

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