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Everybody Loves Raymond
Inside the Writers Room

Everybody loves Raymond, but what about Phil? Doesn't the 45-year-old creator of the Emmy-winning sitcom deserve a little love too? He surely thinks so, and he's not shy about expressing it -- not that Phil Rosenthal is bashful about anything. A self-declared ham, Rosenthal turned to writing because acting, his first love, wasn't paying the bills. After nine #1 seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond, he wants America to get to know the heart and soul of the sitcom that many viewers seem to feel has depicted marriage and family life more honestly than any show ever has. That is, Rosenthal wants to buck Hollywood's obsession with fame and celebrities and introduce the country to a new concept. By all accounts, the writers' room at Raymond was a special place where men cracked jokes and discussed personal woes as if they were in a support group. Then, often to the horror of their spouses and relatives, those revelations were uttered word-for-word on the tube. Inside the Writers' Room consists of Rosenthal and Hollywood's top comedy writers from Raymond. They share how they turned the hilarious reality of their lives into TV's funniest sitcom, using clips from the show on a giant screen. 

“The stage show was among the best-ever comedies presented in Honolulu”

- Star Bulletin, Hawaii

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